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Before making any purchase decision, a consumer usually asks, "Is it worth it? Am I getting good value for my money? Is this a good deal?" Buying a house is a major investment and probably the biggest single investment we ever make. It obviously represents a major financial decision but it is also one with implications for security, comfort, health and quality of life.

An R-2000 home may cost a little more than a conventionally-built house, but there are many benefits. This web site provides the consumer with the opportunity to fully consider the benefits provided by an R-2000 home in order to properly answer the question "An R-2000 home - Is it worth it?"

R-2000 Homes - The Better Built House!
Healthier, affordable, energy efficient. Better Built! Any new home can be R-2000! Save up to 40% on your monthly heating bills. Here's how.

R-2000 Members
New Home Builders, Renovators, Suppliers... Meet the elite of the industry. Look inside for a complete NSHBA listing..

For the Builder
What builders need and want to know about R-2000 homes and how to become licensed.

For inquiries on joining the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association, advertising, R-2000 homes, members lists, New Home and Renovation or Renovations for Seniors information kits, contact us by:

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