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To create a professional industry by: providing industry leadership; promoting energy efficient and sustainable housing; promoting consumer choice and protection; providing leadership for healthier and safer work sites; and strengthening dialogue between industry, governments and other organizations for the betterment of our housing product for consumers.

In Nova Scotia the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association offers a reasoned and representative perspective on the true state and future of residential construction. Success has been recorded on many fronts:

1. Credible Self-Regulation - A voluntary professional Builder Certification Program was recently launched. By hiring a Certified Residential Builder, consumers know they are working with professionals in the industry.
2. Promotion of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Housing - Through partnerships with Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, and Nova Scotia Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs, the NSHBA has made Nova Scotia a leader in the construction of energy-efficient homes. As a result, better homes are built and there is a reduced drain on energy to maintain and heat these homes.
3. Promotion of Nova Scotia Home Building Expertise to Export Markets through the construction of "Nova Scotia House" - A demonstration project for the 1995 G-7 Summit of world leaders, NSHBA elevated our construction capability to world levels. Also NSHBA signed a deal with a Korean wood fittings company to promote trade relations between Nova Scotia and Korea.
4. Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety - As a founding member of the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association, NSHBA demonstrates a self-imposed sense of responsibility in the area of safety.
5. Industry Leadership - Through partnerships with such industry leaders as Nova Scotia Power Inc., Toronto Dominion Bank, Beaver Lumber, CMHC, etc., our association extends support for the objectives noted above.
6. Consumer Education - Through home shows, home parades, advertising and editorial material, Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association effectively delivers an extensive educational program on housing issues.

Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association is one of 10 provincial arms of the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA). Previously known as the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada (HUDAC). CHBA and its provincial partners are considered by governments and industry members as the prime focus for home building issues in Canada. NSHBA members are also members of the Canadian Home Builders' Association. Membership gives members access to the professional residential construction industry on three levels: local, provincial, and national.

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