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  *Members of the NSHBA

Halifax Regional Municipality and Area Licensed Builders

*Austin Contracting Ltd.
Alan Roach
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 835-9219
Fax: 835-4526
Web: www.austincontracting.ca
E-mail: aroach@austincontracting.com

* Cresco
Brian McNeil
Bedford, N.S.
Phone: 832-6666
Fax: 832-2409
Web: www.cresco.ca
E-mail: office@cresco.ca

* Fall River Village Ltd.
Paul Pettipas
Waverley, N.S.
Phone: 497-9636
Fax: 450-5448
Web: www.frv.com
E-mail: frv@istar.ca

* Future Design Builders Limited
Barry Publicover
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 456-0394
Fax: 852-2651                  
Web: www.futuredesignbuilders.com    
E-mail: futuredesign@hfx.eastlink.ca

* Grande Coastal Homes Limited
Scott Brookfield
Halifax, NS
Phone: 443-8565
Fax: 443-5343
Web: www.grandecoastalhomes.com
E-mail: scott@grandecoastalhomes.com

* Greater Homes Inc.
Mark Sullivan
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 832-7400
Fax: 835-5312
Web: www.greaterhomes.ca

* Greenfield Contracting
Bob Strong
Truro, N.S.
Phone: 899-2350

* Hanaa Homes Construction Ltd.
Emad Al-Sharief
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 445-1700
Fax: 457-2900
* Infinity Development Group Inc.
Salah Hasan
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 478-7000
Fax: 431-4017
E-mail: infinitydesign1@hfx.eastlink.ca
* Integrity Homes 2000 Inc.
Andrew Holley
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 462-3500
Fax: 462-2444
Web: www.integrityhomes.ca  
E-mail: office@integrityhomes.ca
* Jim Morash Construction Ltd.
Jim Morash
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 462-6471
Fax: 462-6472
Web: www.morashconstruction.com
E-mail: jim@morashconstruction.com
* John D. Anderson Construction Ltd.
John Anderson
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 827-2087
Fax: 827-3410
Web: www.johndanderson.ca
E-mail: j.anderson@ns.sympatico.ca
* Kel-Greg Enterprises Ltd.
Brent Keyes
Elmsdale, N.S.
Phone: 883-8389
Fax: 883-7166
Web: www.kelgreg.com
E-mail: office@kelgreg.com
* MacFarlane Homes
Tom MacFarlane
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 434-6400
Fax: 434-6838
* Norman Bezanson Construction Inc.
Linda Bezanson Holmes
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 462-2698
Fax: 434-3192
Web: www.bezansonconstruction.com
E-mail: norman.bezanson@ns.sympatico.ca

Peverill's General Contracting
Les Peverill
Mount Uniacke, N.S.
Phone: 866-2578

* Pinehurst Developments Inc.
Todd Ching
Bedford, N.S.
Phone: 835-9000
Fax: 835-9010
Web: www.pinehurst-homes.com
E-mail: info@pinehurst-homes.com
* Q.B.H. Construction Ltd.
Ken Strugnell
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 445-4212
Fax: 445-5618
E-mail: qbhconstruction@ns.sympatico.ca

* Quantum Developments Ltd.
Joe Hanna
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 497-2214
Fax: 445-2097
Web: www.quadev.com
E-mail: sales@quadev.com
* Ramar Construction Ltd.
Scott Sim
Lower Sackville, N.S.
Phone: 865-1607
Fax: 865-1729
Web: www.ramar.ns.ca  
E-mail: ben@ramar.ns.ca  
* R.Bowes Construction.
Reg Bowes
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 452-9962
* RI-TECH Home Builders Ltd.
Antoine Hanna
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 497-9925
Fax: 443-9984
E-mail: ritechomebuilder@hfx.eastlink.ca
* Sawlor Construction Ltd.
Keith Sawlor
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 465-7738
Fax: 465-3957
Web: www.sawlor.com
E-mail: info@sawlor.com
* Scotian Homes
Dave Isenor
Enfield, N.S.
Phone: 883-2266
Fax: 883-2155
Web: www.scotianhomes.com
E-mail: lifestyles@scotianhomes.com
State Homes Ltd.
Vernon B. Sklapsky
Boutilier's Point, N.S.
Phone: 456-1199
Fax: 826-1605
Web: www.statehomesltd.com
E-mail: statehomes@eastlink.ca
* Troy-Built Homes Ltd.
Troy Landry
Lower Sackville, N.S.
Phone: 860-0726          
Fax: 860-1212                              
E-mail: troybuilthomes@accesswave.ca
* W.C.H. Builders Ltd.
Jim Slaunwhite
Lower Sackville, N.S.
Phone: 456-7328
Fax: 860-0589
E-mail: wchbuilders@eastlink.ca
* Whitestone Builders
Andrew Watson
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 444-4040
Fax: 876-1063
Web: www.whitestonedevelopments.ca
E-mail: info@whitestonedevelopments.ca

The following builders in the HRM are trained, qualified and working to become licensed:
* Beazley Homes & Developments Ltd.
Craig Beazley
Mount Uniacke, NS
Phone: 866-1200
Fax: 866-0695
E-mail: ashton.construction@ns.sympatico.ca

* Brighton Homes
Amir Moghadam
Bedford, N.S.
Phone: 830-7653
Fax: 832-2886
E-mail: BrightonHomes2010@yahoo.ca
* Bungay Construction Co. Ltd.
Jim Bungay
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 462-7526
Fax: 462-2144
Web: www.bungayhomes.ca
E-mail: info@bungayhomes.ca
* Clayton Developments Limited
Andrew Connors
Halifax, N.S.
Phone: 445-2000
Fax: 443-1611
Web: www.claytondev.com
* Enfield Contracting Ltd.
Patty Douthwright
Enfield, N.S.
Phone: 883-8123
Fax: 484-6318
E-mail: pdouthwright@enfieldcontractingltd.ns.ca
* Estate Homes and Renovations Limited                    
Joseph Ross
Fall River, NS 
Phone: 860-1401          
Fax: 860-1366
E-mail: joeross@accesswave.ca

Gaudet Building Contractors
Matt Canning
Halifax, NS
Phone: 444-7445

* Gomez Enterprises
Titus Gomez
Bedford, N.S.
Phone: 456-4293
Fax: 835-7537
E-mail: tgome@ns.sympatico.ca
* Halifax Regional Builders
Eugene Dixon
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 471-1726
Fax: 433-0749
E-mail: edixon@eastlink.ca

* Highend Contractors and Renovators Ltd.
Darryl Bickerton
Dartmouth, NS
Phone: 434-8253
Phone: 209-1411
Fax: 433-1587
Web: www.highendcontractors.ca
E-mail: djbickerton@hfx.eastlink.ca
* Kozy Homes Construction
Paul Mombourquette
Lantz, N.S.
Phone: 883-1202
Fax: 883-8285
E-mail: p.mombourquette@ns.sympatico.ca
* R. Bowes Construction
Reg Bowes
25 Lake Loon Crescent
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 452-9962
Fax: 435-5962
* Shirebrook Developments Inc.
Andy Parsons
Fall River, N.S.
Phone: 860-2159
Fax: 860-1119
Web: www.shirebrook.ca  
E-mail: keith@shirebrook.ca
Ventrac Construction Ltd.
Ugo Ventresca
Dartmouth, N.S.
Phone: 830-8464

Annapolis Valley Region

* A.W. Allen & Son
Donnie Woodworth
Middleton, N.S.
Phone: 825-4854
Fax: 825-6343
Web: www.awallen.com
E-mail: donnie@awallen.com
* Crowell Construction
Steven Crowell
Kentville, N.S.
Phone: 678-8752
Fax: 678-8752
E-mail: crowlcon@eastlink.ca

The following builders in the Annapolis Valley region are trained, qualified and working to become licensed:
Country Lane Construction
Robert MacKinnon
Berwick, Kings County, N.S.
Phone: 538-8660
* Greenlaw Construction & Supply Ltd.
Dale Jollymore
Lawrencetown, N.S.
Phone: 584-3011
Fax: 584-3664
Web: www.greenlawconstruction.com
E-mail: dale.jollymore@greenlawconstruction.com

North Eastern Region

Bill Langille Construction
Bill Langille
Amherst , NS
Phone: 667-1818
Fax: 667-7750

* Enerscope Enterprises Ltd.
Gerry Connolly
Antigonish, N.S.
Phone: 863-1400
Fax: 863-1721
E-mail: enerscop@auracom.com

Cape Breton Region

* C.R. Ross Contracting Ltd.
Charles Ross
Sydney, N.S.
Phone: 562-1093
Fax: 567-1330
* Kavic Construction Co. Ltd.
Gary Wilneff
Sydney, N.S.
Phone: 539-9367
Fax: 567-0476

South Shore Region

* Everts-Lind Enterprises Ltd.
Richard Lind
Bridgewater, N.S.
Phone: 766-4533
Fax: 766-4533
* Meisner & Zwicker Construction Ltd.
Marshall Zwicker
Bridgewater, N.S.
Phone: 543-3648
Fax: 543-3105
E-mail: builder@eastlink.ca
* Mike Hennigar's General Construction Ltd.
Michael Hennigar
Barrington Passage, N.S.
Phone: 637-2798
Fax: 637-2798
* Neighbourhood Developments Ltd./Startup Construction
Ian Startup
Brooklyn, N.S.
Phone: 354-4563
Fax: 356-3300
* South Shore Home Construction Ltd.
Wayne M Wentzell
Milton, N.S.
Phone: 354-5479
Fax: 354-4789
Web: southshorehomeconstruction.ca
E-mail: sshomeconst@eastlink.ca

The following builders in the South Shore region are trained, qualified and working to become licensed:

* Bayswater Construction Ltd.
Ron LeBlanc
Hubbards, N.S.
Phone: 228-2450
Fax: 228-2450
E-mail: rl@ns.sympatico.ca


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